2019 Holiday Deliveries

The following is our schedule for deliveries throughout the holiday season:


Double basket on 11/26

Skip delivery 12/3

Double baskets on 12/10 & 12/17

Skip delivery on 12/24 & 12/31


Double basket on 11/22

Skip delivery 11/29

Normal delivery 12/6

Double deliveries 12/13 & 20

Skip delivery 12/27 & 1/3

December projected harvests

To assist you in planning and storage of the extra veggies we will be sending you in the next two weeks, here is how we see those baskets shaping up:

12/11 & 14:  Brussels sprouts, rutabagas, celeriac, beets, potatoes, butternut squash, cipollini onions, and carrots

12/18 & 21:  Cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, leeks, onions, chard or kale, celeriac, acorn squash, and perhaps celery.

Red, White, & Blue Potatoes

Time for red, white and blue potatoes! Some of our subscribers have mentioned that they don’t like the color of blue potatoes when cooked, so we experimented. The first picture shows the same variety of potato (All Blue) cooked in plain water (on left) and water with vinegar added (on right). I kind of like them both!  The second photo is a portion of yesterday’s harvest.


We didn’t replant strawberries last year, so we will have a gap in home-grown production. Our friends at Blooming Junction have berries grown with organic techniques that we can deliver with your basket. They cost $3.50 per pint, $18 per half flat (6 pints), $34 per flat (12 pints). Please let us know your order by noon the day before your delivery. Thanks!


Comparing Full and Half Share Baskets

We are often asked whether a full or half share is right for a particular family. We have some general guidelines. Usually a single person or couple will be happy with a half share. Families of four or more prefer full shares. However, vegetarians and people who cook at home every day often opt for full shares even for a single person. Some families find a half share to be perfect. We found a few pictures that may help you to visualize the amounts in a half share versus a full.

Jimg_6221January half share vs. full share


518FB1E6-CF77-4EC0-A6A7-751B981E7F44March half share and full share


FF1357E1-85FD-4252-B191-20987533A5A7July half share and full share


IMG_5629August half share and full share


IMG_6056December full share and half share.

Textile Sale 12/21!

Last week I went with Lyn Jacobs of La Finquita del Buho to give a class on making bird feeders to a group of Karen refugees from Myanmar. These women are a group that meets at Lutheran Community Services on 39th Ave. near Hawthorne weekly for conversation and community building. They are gardeners and craftswomen and weave beautiful textiles. They are holding a half price sale at the Lutheran Community Services building (605 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd.) on 12/21 from 10-1. Such an opportunity to buy great gifts and support these refugees at the same time!