The Tromboncino Story

We are growing tromboncino squash this year as an experiment. They are an heirloom climbing squash that can be used as a winter squash, but are usually eaten as a summer squash, prized for their firm texture. We got interested in them through the Culinary Breeding Network, an organization based in Portland, that encourages breeders, chefs and farmers to collaborate. Lane Selman, who started the organization, has Italian roots and has introduced several Italian heirlooms to area farmers. Tromboncini are delicious pickled. We have used them in several traditional Italian recipes, including a risotto and a simple soup of potatoes, tromboncino, pasta and tomatoes sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Here is the link to the adorable video we watched to teach us this recipe (the video uses cucuzzi, but tromboncini work perfectly): Cucuzzi with Zisolhouse