Flowers, Plants, and Eggs

Flowers, Plants, and Eggs

We have fresh and dried flowers for sale, both through our weekly subscription program and at Beaverton Farmers’ Market (Saturdays from the first weekend in May until the end of October 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM).


We also sell a variety of flower and vegetable starts directly to our subscribers, or at the Beaverton Farmers’ Market and through select benefit sales. We are known for our unusual variety of vegetable starters, which allow gardeners to grow the full gamut of vegetables that thrive in the Northwest.


Our eggs, which are available only to subscribers, are laid by our flock of hens. These girls (as well as a few roosters) live in chicken tractors that move around the farm. This is part of our fertility program and gives our chickens access to fresh grass daily.


Subscribers can order any of our extra items weekly or on a standing order basis. At the end of each month, we bill for what customers actually received that month.