For the subscription year June 2021-May 2022 the cost for a full share is $35.48 per week ($1845 for the full year). A $300 deposit, applied against the total, secures your share. The balance can be paid at the rate of $154.50/month for ten months after harvesting begins.   The price for a half share is $22.40 per week ($1165 for the full year; $215 deposit; $95.00/month for ten months).


The subscription is a yearlong commitment for both our subscribers and us. Because we highly value the many customers who continue with us for several years, we offer a discount from the total that ranges from 2% for those starting their second year up to 10% for those who have subscribed for ten or more years. We also offer a discount to subscribers who pay for the year in full before May 31st ($50 for full shares, $35 for half shares). A $50 discount is available for those who pick up their basket at the farm.