Kenai Red Fish Company

First off, we want to thank Polly, James, and Pumpkin Ridge for spreading the wild seafood word and reaching out to all of you who may be interested in joining our Kenai-Red Fish Company community.  We first brought our Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to Portland 7 years ago. Each year we have grown and been able to reach more individuals and families like you, thanks to wonderful kindred spirits like Pumpkin Ridge. The past seasons working with Pumpkin Ridge have been a great success and we cannot wait to see how many more freezers we can stock in 2021!Kenai-Red Fish Company is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) that proudly delivers high quality, long lasting, sustainable wild Alaskan seafood shares to households around the Portland area. Our fishing grounds is the Cook Inlet out of Homer, AK and the waters outside of Juneau, AK. By purchasing a share from us, your next seafood dinner is direct from the boat to your table.  
Our vision is to bring our salmon to the tables of those who care about: 

  • a direct relationship with their fisherman
  • healthy eating
  • sustainable fishery practices
  • support of a family owned small scale business
  • the origin’s and handling of what they eat

In addition to the above, jump to our website to learn more HERE.We have created a Pumpkin Ridge Buying Club where all of you can have a chance to stock your freezer full of our wild Alaskan seafood. We are headed up to Homer, AK to begin our 2021 fishing season at the end of June, and this is your chance to reserve your share of this year’s catch.
How to order: Place your order HERE.
Pick ups: The pick up will occur in September/early October once the fishing season is complete and the fish is back down in Portland. Due to COVID-19, our pick up location(s) are not confirmed at the moment. We have many in the works and will update you as soon as we have more info. 
We also want to point out that this Buying Club is not limited to Pumpkin Ridge CSA members. We encourage you to spread the word to friends and family and include them in this offer.
Feel free to contact Allison with any questions – allison@kenairedfc.comThank you for taking the time to consider- we truly do appreciate you all!
Allison & Clint Benson