About Us

We are James Just and Polly Gottesman, owners of Pumpkin Ridge Gardens since 1990.James and Polly PartyEDIT

We have four children: Seth, Eli and twins, Kate and Meg. We both work on the farm full time and employ one full-time farm worker, a seasonal worker and a driver, who also works on the farm.

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens is 20 rolling acres located only 22 miles west of Portland near North Plains. Since 1987, the farm has been carefully tended to eliminate the adverse effects of commercial strawberry production. We have been building the soil with organic techniques since 1989.

Polly James and Baby Seth

Are We Organic?

From 1990 to 2002 we were registered as organic growers with the state of Oregon. We grow our vegetables in accordance with the organic standards established by law and use only materials approved by organic certification organizations. This state program has been discontinued. While our farming techniques have not changed, federal law prohibits us from calling our produce “organic” without third-party certification. So far, we have decided to spare our customers the expense of certification. Our philosophy is that the best way for you, the consumer, to feel good about how your food is grown is to know your farmer. We encourage you to visit the farm, see how we grow the vegetables, participate in our work if you choose, and most of all, ask any questions you might have.