Wreaths and Bird Feeders

Holiday Sale 2021!


Join us on Friday, November 26th, 11 AM to 3PM, for home-grown, home-made gifts by Polly and Lyn, coffee and treats, and evergreen holiday wreaths. At Lyn’s farm: La Finquita del Buho, 7960 NW Dick Rd. Hillsboro 97124. Other dates/times available by appointment.


Questions? (971) 998-5595

We will be back at the Beaverton Farmers’ Market located at 5th and Hall on November 20th. Please contact us if you have questions:

Polly Gottesman (971) 998-5595    Lyn Jacobs (503) 568-5760

These faces are made from materials edible by wild birds
All of our items are handmade and unique