Planting Leeks

Here is a tutorial on the way we plant leeks. Our method is easy and results in a long blanched stem on the mature leek.

IMG_0494 - Copy

Here are the tools you need: a dibber to poke holes (a broom handle will work), scissors, a 6-pack of leeks and some tilled soil.

IMG_0498 - Copy

Leeks are tough and can be completely bare rooted. Gently shake off the potting soil until the roots are exposed.

IMG_0499 - Copy

Cut the leek roots to about 1″ long.

IMG_0500 - Copy

Balance the root pruning by trimming the leaves

IMG_0501 - Copy

Here are the leek starts ready for transplant.

IMG_0504 - Copy

Poke holes 4-6″ deep about 6-9″ apart.


The little leek start goes in the hole, all the way to the bottom. Don’t worry if the plant practically disappears! It will grow up out of the hole.

IMG_0507 - Copy

With a hose or a watering can, water directly into the hole. Do not fill in the hole with soil; the water will wash a little soil in to cover the roots. Over the next week, the hole will fill in naturally. By then the leek will grow above the soil level.


Here are leeks two weeks after planting. They will be ready for harvest in November and can continue being harvested until April, when they start to put up flower stalks. Once they bolt, they are fibrous and inedible. Don’t be shy to use them liberally in soups and stews all winter long. Because they are deeply planted, it is best to use a digging implement to harvest them. A sharp garden knife stuck down on all four sides of the leek will sever the roots and make them easier to pull by hand. Here is a picture of the leeks in fall: