Comparing Full and Half Share Baskets

We are often asked whether a full or half share is right for a particular family. We have some general guidelines. Usually a single person or couple will be happy with a half share. Families of four or more prefer full shares. However, vegetarians and people who cook at home every day often opt for full shares even for a single person. Some families find a half share to be perfect. We found a few pictures that may help you to visualize the amounts in a half share versus a full.

Jimg_6221January half share vs. full share


518FB1E6-CF77-4EC0-A6A7-751B981E7F44March half share and full share


FF1357E1-85FD-4252-B191-20987533A5A7July half share and full share


IMG_5629August half share and full share


IMG_6056December full share and half share.