Basket Cancellation 1/13

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.20170112_080246 We had a fantastic trip to Costa Rica. The return was a little rocky though; we were stranded in Houston for three days and almost the whole family came down with stomach flu! We are back now and surveying a winter wonderland outside. Despite sore shoulders and backs from scraping hoop houses yesterday, we are happy to have this snowfall. The snow provides an insulating blanket of 32 degrees protecting the gardens from the very cold temperatures (12 degrees expected tonight). Because the best thing for the vegetables is to leave them undisturbed and because we are not sure about the state of the roads tomorrow, we have decided not to try to harvest for you until next Friday. We think most vegetables will survive all this weather craziness just fine and show up in your future baskets. We’re sorry that this extends an already long gap in deliveries. We appreciate your understanding.