Summer Squash Primer

Here is a quick overview, with pictures, of the summer squash varieties you will see in your baskets this summer.


Summer squash come in a wide range of  shapes and two basic colors.  Our favorite straight green squash is called Noche.


We also grow several varieties that are lighter green (but don’t rate their own photo).  The exception is Cocozelle, a striped Italian heirloom with excellent flavor, great vigor and wonderful production.


Our yellow straight zuke is called Gold Rush.


Our crookneck variety this year is Gentry, a nice producer that stays smooth-skinned and tender even as it gets large.

yellow crookneck

Perhaps the best producing and most flavorful variety is Zephyr, a semi-crooked bi-color squash that has won a permanent spot in our hearts.


We also have patty pan type squashes in both yellow (Sunburst) and dark green (Starship).  These are great for stuffing not only for their flavor, but because thy look so cool on the plate!

yellow patty pan

green patty pan