Tips for Getting the Most From Your Subscription

Check out our web site, Our weekly basket note is always posted there.  The password for the recipe section is printed in the footer of your weekly note, in case you forget it. Recipes are sorted by veggie type and each veggie section has storage and usage notes at the beginning.

Read your note (or at least skim it). We try to give you heads up about happenings at the farm and extras that you can add to your basket.

Like us on Facebook! That’s where we can give real time updates (“oh my, we have so many strawberries!” or “we could use some help if you’re available”).

Come visit! We want you to feel connected to this land where your food is grown. If you can’t make it to a scheduled potluck, email us to make sure we will be around and drop by when you can. If you don’t have time to come out, drop us an email now and then so we can know what is working and not working for you. We fill your basket each week and we do our best to make it something you look forward to getting. Let us know if we can do better.

Some books are really helpful for making the shift to local, seasonal eating. We like Tamar Adler’s book, An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace for its simple hints about prepping a basket of veggies so that using them is easy. It also makes some great suggestions about using the scraps and making quick meals from fresh vegetables. If you have good resources that you find yourself using again and again, please let us know what they are so that we can share them with the community.

Produce bags: we are struggling with our use of plastic, even biodegradable. We’d like to reuse if possible, but our new Biobags don’t seem strong enough. Many families have reusable cloth bags that they wash and send back to us with their empty basket. Usually, two to three 12”x20” bags per basket works great. We have been thinking about making a bulk order of proper-sized cloth or mesh bags that we could sell at cost to families who would like to minimize waste. Let us know if you are interested. In weeks that you forget to leave out an empty basket (this does happen!), we would use the Biobags in your spare basket. We would also use Biobags for those who prefer that option.

When ordering extras via email, it is helpful if you mention the item(s) you are ordering in the subject line. Please order by noon the day before your delivery. If you order flowers, please leave out a container/vase with water to place them in.

On really hot delivery days, you can leave out a cooler we will put your veggies into. Usually everything keeps well in the shade, but those few 100+ days can be tough.

Here is our schedule of events (watch your note for others). All of them are free for our subscribers:

June 26th 11AM-3PM: Subscriber Potluck. Come out to the farm, eat our phenomenal pizza, meet your farmers, tour the farm!

July 24th 11AM-3PM: Subscriber Potluck.

August (when the berries are ripe): Blackberry Picking. Come out at your own convenience and pick unsprayed wild blackberries for free. We’ll have self-guided maps.

October 22-23 11AM-4PM each day: Pumpkin Pickup. Come get your carving pumpkins, gourds and weird winter squash, eat pumpkin pie pizza (as well as other kinds!), press apple cider, guess the weight of the giant pumpkin for a chance to win it, and take a farm tour.