Plant start list 2016

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens Plant Order Form 2016                          NAME:      



MARKETMORE: A basic American cucumber that is early and prolific. Loads of 8” tasty fruits.

TASTY GREEN: Our favorite English cucumber with thin-skinned 12” fruits.  Plants are very prolific and burpless.

LEMON: This heirloom cucumber is a great producer, especially at the end of the season.

SUPER ZAGROSS MIDDLE EASTERN: Middle Eastern cucumbers are meant to be harvested small. They are sweet, thin-skinned, burpless and incredibly prolific.


EPIC:  An early ripening large deep purple fruit well adapted to the NW (similar to Dusky).

ORIENT EXPRESS: These Asian eggplants are long and thin.  Each plant produces many fruits.


Thai basil, Sweet basil, Genovese basil, Italian Large-Leaf basil, cilantro, dill, curly-leaf parsley, and Italian parsley. Perennial herbs (rosemary, sage, oregano etc.) also available at $3.50 per pot.


CASCADIA: A bush snap pea.  Grows to 24”.  The best bush snap pea for the Northwest. $3.50 for a six pack (approx.. 24 plants)


ACE: Green bell pepper ripening red.  Usually ripens well in the cool NW summer.

CARMEN: Long pointed Italian pepper.  Very sweet with thick walls.  Ripens to red a few days later than Ace.

GYPSY: Disease-resistant peppers with bullnose shape. Thick-walled fruit ripen quickly from yellow to red. Prolific and early.

PALLADIO: Tall plants produce large, long green peppers that ripen to golden-yellow.


JALAFUEGO:  Best jalapeno for our climate.  3 ft. tall plants are covered with fruit.

TIBURON: Poblano chiles bear prolifically on large healthy plants. Quite spicy in warm summers.

HOT ROD SERRANO: Great for salsa. Large plants, covered in fruit, continue producing until fall.


HOWDEN: A great big carving pumpkin. Large vines usually produce one or two whoppers.

NEW ENGLAND PIE: Small pie pumpkin is really delicious. Produces many fruits compared to Howden.

CINDERELLA: Large, reddish, flattened pumpkins are beautiful and tasty.

KAKAI: These small pumpkins are orange with green stripes. The seeds are delicious; dark green and hulless.


NOCHE: Slender fruit with a dark green skin and great flavor and texture. High in vitamins!

COCOZELLE: Italian striped zucchinis. Slender and prolific.

YELLOW CROOKNECK: Compact bush bears lots of yellow crookneck summer squash with smooth skin.

ZEPHYR: A straight neck squash that is half yellow, half pale green. Delicious, nutty flavor.

GOLD RUSH: Large bushes bear loads of bright yellow zucchinis.

SUNBURST PATTY PAN: Small bushes are covered with patty pans. Harvest when small.


SWEET REBA ACORN: Space-saving, early, disease-resistant bush acorn squash with good flavor.  Plants only spread about 2 feet in diameter.

PONCA BUTTERNUT: A smaller butternut squash with great flavor.  Vine needs 3 feet. Early to ripen.

EASTERN RISE: This is a very tasty  kabocha squash.  Prolific fruit set (5-7 per plant) and a good keeper to boot.

CORNELL’S BUSH DELICATA: The best delicata we grow. Small plants (2-3 foot spacing) produce about 5 delicious fruits per plant.



ROPRECO: Our favorite paste tomato.  An open-pollinated paste tomato, similar to Roma.  The tomatoes are a little larger and softer.  Determinate plants  (i.e. compact bush).

ROMA: The old standard. A little earlier with a more concentrated fruit set than Ropreco. Determinate plants.


BRANDYWINE: Brandywine tomatoes are large, pinkish and absolutely delicious.  Brandywine is an heirloom.  The vines are indeterminate (i.e. large vines). The flavor is worth the wait!

CELEBRITY: Medium-large fruits on large vines. This is a mid-season hybrid well adapted to our climate.  Indeterminate.

CHEROKEE PURPLE:  We like this open-pollinated, brownish-purple tomato’s winey taste as much as Brandywine’s. Ripens about a week earlier than Brandywine. Vines are indeterminate but not too large.

EARLY GIRL: An old stand-by that is reliable in our cooler summers. Decent flavor for an early tomato. Mid-early production. Indeterminate.

GARDEN PEACH:  Light yellow, slightly fuzzy tomatoes with a fruity lemony tang.  We first grew these heirlooms at the suggestion of a subscriber and have become fans! The seed is our own production. Indeterminate.

GREEN ZEBRA: Heirloom plants produce striped yellow-green fruits with great flavor. Our own seed.

PINEAPPLE: This is a large orange blushed with red open-pollinated tomato. The flavor is really delicious, even beating Brandywine in our (unscientific) poll. Ripens later in the summer like Brandywine. Indeterminate vines.

NEW GIRL: New Girl is better than Early Girl! Produces medium-sized red tomatoes from early summer on.  Indeterminate (i.e. large vines).


SUN GOLD: These are the orange cherries that many subscribers love.  They have a tropical flavor and produce prolifically.  They are early and dependable.  Huge indeterminate vines.

SWEET MILLION: Our favorite red cherry. Produces tons of fruit slightly later than Sun Gold. Indeterminate.

All our plants cost $3.00 (unless otherwise marked).  We will deliver them with your basket around the time we plant ours outside (about mid-May).  Our plants are grown in 4-inch pots in an unheated greenhouse, so they make the transition to the garden well.  To order, drop us a note in your basket or e-mail us at with the varieties and amounts you want.