Blueberry Planting Feb. 2015


Barthene and Doug Gordon of Banks, owners of a u-pick blueberry farm, are retiring. They are selling off their 6-foot tall, 20-year-old plants. James and I and our son Eli, who is home after graduating from college, went to pick up 24 plants. Each plant came with a huge root ball and weighed about 100 pounds! We made a row of them in the new field across the road, where it is a bit steep to grow vegetables.

We got several varieties that should have ripe fruit over a six-week period in July and August. We may not get much yield this year as they adjust to their new home. We are hoping that we will be able to provide delicious, organically grown berries to our subscribers as an extra in years to come. This summer, we are excited about the strawberries we planted two years ago with help from some subscribers and their kids (you know who you are–thank you!).