Uncooked golden ear of corn

Storage: Sweet corn starts to convert sugar to starch as soon as the ears are picked. Storing in the refrigerator slows this conversion, but corn is best when eaten soon after harvest. Store ears of corn in their husks to slow dehydration of the kernels. Corn is easy to freeze: boil the ears briefly (2-3 minutes) in salted water, cool, cut kernels off cobs and pack in freezer bags.

Uses: It’s hard to beat freshly harvested corn boiled briefly in salted water and eaten off the cob (butter is not even necessary)! Corn can also be roasted on the grill in its husk (with the silk removed). Corn that is a little past its prime should be cut off the ear and cooked in soups, chowders and stews. The corn cobs with kernels removed can be boiled in water with some salt to make a delicious vegetable stock.